J. Hauser / Jos. Hauser
Bamberg. Bavaria.
 Zinngiesserei / Pewterer.
Known dates: Circa 1900 - 1950's
Purchased stein bodies from:
 Malky & Jahnke   Werner Corzelius

E.Hauser 2 9/20 litre glass stein with lid by J. Hauser.
E.Hauser 4 Base mark on featured stein above, has been attributed to Glashütte Gebrüder Malky & Jahnke of Deuben, Saxony-Anhalt. 
E.Hauser 3Cast pewterer's mark on lid of featured stein above. Lid is inscribed on top "Brauerei Stephan". 
Hauser 13-6-2-1 Lid with insert der "Abscheid"  
Hauser 13-6-2-2Cast pewterer's mark on lid with "Abscheid" insert (above).
J. Hauser / Jos. Hauser 13-10-17-2Stein by Werner Cornelius, therefore dated 1954 - 1990
J. Hauser / Jos. Hauser 13-10-17-1 Pewterer's cast mark on the underside of  the lid on the Werner Corzelius stein.

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