F.X. Kusterer

F.X. Kusterer
Göggingen bei Augsburg, Bavaria
Kunstgewerblicher getriebener Arbeiten aus Silber, Cupfer, Messing und Aluminium / Commercial wheel engraved art works in Silver, Copper, Brass and Aluminium
Known dates: 1893.
Possibly founded by Franz Xaver Kusterer, who started out as an engraver, producing maps as early as 1832.
Reference: Uni-Heidelberg  FX Kusterer  FX Kusterer 2

Kusterer 3 Copper, hinge lidded, tankard, 10" tall.  Note twisted handle.
kusterer 5 Copper, hinge lidded, tankard, 11.4" tall.                  
Kusterer 2 Bavarian Shield and floral design on copper, hinge lidded, tankard. All the examples on this page are attributed to F.X. Kusterer, but are as yet to be confirmed.
kusterer 8Copper, hinge lidded, tankard 14" tall.  Front View.
kusterer 6Copper, hinge lidded, tankard 14" tall.  Side view of the above tankard. Note twisted handle.

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