G. Teblick

G. Teblick (Gebroeders Teblick)

Lombaarde Vest, (now Lombardenvest) then Paardenmarkt 48, Antwerp, Belgium

Zinngie├čerei. / Pewterer.

Known dates: 1850 to the 1970's

Purchased steins from: Sachsenglas

Reference: Mysteincollection

Teblick 3Lid on the featured stein, which uses an uncommon seven ring hinge.
Teblick 1 This stein is attributed to Sachsenglas, because of the design. The normal basemark of a crown is missing, therefore it is dated prior to 1897.
Teblick 2Pewterer's mark on the underside of the lid of the featured stein.

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