Josef Tauscheck

Josef Tauscheck (Witwe)

Leonhardstraße 20, Nuremberg, Bavaria

Zinngießermeister / Master Pewterer.

Josef G.F.Tauscheck produced pewter lids for steins and glass. In 1906 he was awarded a silver medal during the Bavarian Jubilee-Landes-Industrie-, Gewerbe und Kunst-Ausstellung in Nuremberg. In 1908 he was co-founder of the city's Pewter Foundry Guild. His workshop was located at Leonhardstraße 20. Between 1906 and 1913 he lived at Feuerweg 6a, just 5 minutes walk away from his workshop. His widow continued the business after his death in 1913. 

This was a large family. There was Johann Tauscheck (brother?), a Master Pewterer who also won a silver medal at the same Industry & Art Exhibition. He had his workshop at Glockendonstraße 22. In 1908 he likewise, was a co-founder of the Pewter Foundry Guild. He relocated his workshop to Pfeifergasse 9 in the same year. Then there was Karl Tauscheck (brother?), Master Pewterer, b. 9/11/1866 in Nuremberg, who was also co-founder of the Pewter Foundry Guild. His shop was located at the time at Untere Kanalstraße 17, and then in 1913 at Spenglerstraße 4 and finally in 1924 at Volprechtstraße 19. Finally there was Karl's son Karl II, Master Pewterer, b.6/11/1893 Nuremberg, who was in business until the 1930's. All of the family's workshops were outside the city walls but within close proximity of the Spittlertorturm.

Purchased steins from: ?

Reference:  Künstlerlexikon

Josef Tauscheck (Witwe) 21-10-23-1"Fabrication of beer glasses and tankards, fitted with unique modern one piece lids."
Tauscheck 2Pewter lid with copper insert
Tauscheck 1Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster and Pewterer's touch mark.

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