The Colonial Company

The Colonial Company
East Liverpool, Ohio, United States.
Hersteller / Manufacturer 
Trading Dates: 1903 - 1922. This company was organized out of the collapse of the "Little Trust" as formed by the East Liverpool Potteries Company, by the taking over of the Wallace & Chetwynd plant. In the reorganization the company consisted of George C. Meredith, Thomas Robinson, Joseph Barlow, Christopher Horton and possibly one or two others. After some time Mr. Horton traded his stock in this pottery for the stationary store of Joseph S. Wilson, but after a year or two, as neither were satisfied, the deal was annulled and stocks re-transfered. H.P. Knoblock, formerly the Manager for The Potters Co-Operative Company bought some of the stock of this company and was made the Manager of the Colonial Company. He did not hold this post for very long, as he returned (after the death of H. A. McNicol) to The Potters Co-Operative Company. After the resignation of Mr. Knoblock the plant seemed to enjoy better management and their business improved steadily until the present standing of this company compared favourably with any plant of its size in the district.
Reference: East Liverpool Historical Society - 124 
Colonial 3Eagle head facing right, laurel wreath with bow surrounding The Colonial Co.
Colonial 1"The Toast"
Colonial 2Eagle head facing right, laurel wreath with bow surrounding The Colonial Co. on the base of the featured mug.

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