Musée Céramique

Musée Céramique

Heimberg, Steffisberg, Municipality of Thun (German) Thoune (French) near Berne. Switzerland.

Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.

Musée Céramique was a trade mark used by Schoch-Läderach. 
Known dates: Circa 1879 - 1900


Lid on featured stein with a bear finial.
Musée Céramique 17-9-16-11/2 litre stein showing the typical Thoune art style. (See Johann Wanzenried)
MC3Base mark incised into the top layer of glaze.
Musée Céramique 17-9-16-2Another mark used by Schoch-Läderach.

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