Eric P. Mihan

Eric P. Mihan
New Jersey
Designer / Importer / Wholesaler
Eric P. Mihan specialised in designing and providing custom steins to universities, colleges, football teams and the armed services.
His batch quantities would have never been large, so there were limited number of each type made.
Known Dates: 1952 - 1953
Steins purchased from: S.P. Gerz, Eckhardt & Engler
Reference: MySteinCollection
Eric P. Mihan 7Loyola University, New Orleans.
Eric P. Mihan 6Made by S.P. Gerz, dated 1953.
Eric P. Mihan 1University of Pennsylvania 
Eric P. Mihan 2Possibly made by S.P. Gerz, judging by the handle, dated 1952.
Eric P. Mihan 4California Polytechnic State University
Eric P. Mihan 3Made by Eckhardt & Engler, dated 1953.

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