R. Musik

R. Musik
Passage 13 Berlin, Prussia (now the Federal City State of Berlin) .
Keramikwarenhandel. / Ceramics Wholesaler.
Known Dates: 1883
Purchased steins from: 
Berliner Adressbücher  Berlin Postcodes
R. Musik 1Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 1999, Erstes Blatt, LXXIX. Band (= 79th volume) München, den 18. November 1883 Vexier-Bier-Seidel (Trick Stein for left handed owners) (made) out of Majolica, most beautiful ornament for any table; only the owner can (be able to know how to) drink from it, shipping including packing with prepayment or cash on delivery 10 marks from R. Musik, Berlin, Passage 13.

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