Ulmer Bierseidel-Fabrik J. Keller & Cie

Ulmer Bierseidel-Fabrik J. Keller & Cie
Ulm an der Donau, Württemberg. (now Baden-Württemberg)
Keramikwarenhandel. / Ceramic's Retailers.
Known dates: 1887
Purchased stein bodies from: 
Ulmer Bierseidel-Fabrik J. Keller & Cie 17-1-16-1  
Keller 1Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2189, Zweites Blatt, LXXXVII. Band (87th volume); München, den 10. July 1887 The Ulm Beer Stein Factory J. Keller & Co. in Ulm on the Danube (River) recommend their beer stein, 1/2 liter steins and glasses with patented, removable lid, solidly made from double nickel plated Britannia (metal)(lead free) from 2 marks, to 1.30 marks respectively, depending on the form type as determined by the use purpose.  We take the liberty in this regard to make the appropriate price according to our adjacent illustrations which serve to indicate the form type.  A corresponding rebate for larger quantity purchases. Enlarged sketches (left and right) show the patented hinge mechanism attached to a spigot growing out of the handle top.
Ulmer Bierseidel-Fabrik J. Keller & Cie 17-1-16-2

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