Victor Weygang 1

Victor Weygang

Lang-Geismar-straße 31, Göttingen, Lower Saxony.

Zinngießerei. / Pewterer.

Victor Weygang, son of Heinrich Friedrich Carl Weygang,(b.1830-d.1875) was born on 13th July 1863., In 1888, Victor Weygang bought from his sister Helene Weygang, residential property and and rear buildings, courtyard etc and became the sole owner of the house and company. He sold pewter and glassware, toys, aluminum products, cast zinc, scales and weights. He also produced pewter soldiers and objects for everyday use, and also did repair and engraving work. He was active in the Drum corp of the "Gymnasium of 1848", was also guild-master, and therefore a highly regarded citizen. Victor Weygang celebrated on 27 September 1907, the 170-year anniversary of his company. In 1917 Victor's two sons Wilhelm and Theodor  fell in the Great War. In 1919 Victor died. He was the last owner of the company in Göttingen.

Reference: Weygang Museum  Zinnfiguren-Bleifiguren

Victor Weygang 2Pewter lid on featured stein"Göttingen Rathskeller"
Victor Weygang 11/2 litre dimpled glass stein.Dated 1888 - 1918
Victor Weygang 3Pewterer's mark on the underside of the lid on the featured stein.

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