L.B. (name unknown)

L. B. (unknown artist)

Munich, Bavaria

Malerei / Artist-Painter

Known dates: Circa 1930

Decorated stein bodies for: Marzi & Remy


L.B. 4Yes, in spite of the Maßkrug description,  it is a two litre!
LB 3Marzi & Remy basemark on featured stein.
LB 12 litre Marzi & Remy stoneware stein, circa 1930. It shows steins marked with the Hotbräuhaus logo and the logos of the major Munich breweries. "Jede Mode wird vergeh'nnur der Maßkrug bleibt besteh'n". "Each fashion (style) will disappear (in time)only the 1 L. beer stein will endure (unchanged)".
LB 2Enlargement of the base of the frieze on the featured stein, showing the initials L.B..

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