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Richard Briggs Co.
"The Old Corner Store" corner of School St & 137 Washington Street, then 32 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts
Importer and vendor of Glass and China and Crockery-ware
Business founded as Sumners & Co. in 1798. In 1861 the business was inherited by Richards Briggs.
The company was known to be in Newbury Street by 1926. Closed around 1946.
Purchased steins from: Whites of Utica.  O'Hara Dial
Reference: Briggs 

Richard Briggs 18-9-6-9
Whites of Utica #5.
Created for the Harvard graduating class of 1890 for their Decennial "10 year reunion” held in 1900.

Richard Briggs 18-9-6-6
Vendor's name  and town
shown under the handle of the above stein.

Richard Briggs 18-9-6-3
Advertisement dated 1872

Richard Briggs 18-9-6-1
Established 1798. Mr. Richard Briggs, Corner of School and Washington Streets would respectfully solicit your inspection of his collection of rare and curious Porcelain and Glass. Many of the articles displayed are from designs exclusively his own, and the entire stock comprises his personal selections from the manufactories of Europe. All purchases packed without extra charge, and guaranteed safe at their destination. Boston 1878.

Richard Briggs 18-9-6-5
Whites of Utica #41, which has the following verse
on the opposing side.
Wer nicht liedt Wein, Weib und Gesang
Der bleibt ein Narr Sein Leben Lang 
"He who does not love wine, women
and song remains a fool for all his life."

Richard Briggs 18-9-6-4
Vendor's name  and town
shown under the handle of the above stein.

Richard Briggs 18-9-6-2
Worcester Royal Porcelain Co. 
Serving Tureen, dated between 1862 - 1875.

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