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Bernard Rice's Sons (Apollo Silver)
542 Broadway (Showroom) 4-6 Marion St. & 187 -189 Elm St. (Production) New York, United States

Metallarbeiter / Metal Workers

The company's origins were founded by Ignatius Rice (b.1838 – d.1910), in the 1860's. But by 1867 he had formed a partnership with his brother Bernard (b.1836 – d.1896). This partnership was dissolved in 1891, with Bernard then forming a partnership with is eldest son Jacques ( b.1869 – d.1935 ).  The business was then known as Bernard Rice & Son. When Bernard Rice died in 1896.  Bernard Rice & Son was succeeded by Bernard Rice’s Sons in 1897 with brothers Jacques and Louis ( b.1872 -d.1933 ) running the company. In 1902 Jacques and Louis also introduced "Riceszinn” a pure non-tarnishable metal of secret composition! The company continued through to the mid 20th Century.

Reference: Queen of Sienna

Bernard Rice's Sons 19-1-21-1
Front view of a large metal pouring Tankard #573, made possibly from "Britannia Metal",
dated circa 1902.

Bernard Rice's Sons 19-1-21-4
The announcement of the
introduction of Riceszinn, 1902.

Bernard Rice's Sons 19-1-21-2
Base mark "Riceszinn. #573" on featured tankard.

Bernard Rice's Sons 19-1-22-5
Form No.743. This item was produced in electroplated Nickel Silver with quadruple Silver plating.

Bernard Rice's Sons
Side view of a large metal pouring Tankard #573, made possibly from "Britannia Metal",
dated circa 1902.

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