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W. S. (name unknown) 
Address Unknown
Entwerfer-Künstler /  Designer Artist
Known dates: 1915
Purchased stein bodies from: Merkelbach & Wick

W.S. (name unknown) 20-3-26-1
Featured stein, right hand view.
"Wir wollen sein ein einig Volk von Brüdern
in keiner Not uns trennen noch Gefahr ---"


W.S. (name unknown) 20-3-26-5
Impressed M&W/Gr. base mark on featured stein.

W.S. (name unknown) 20-3-26-2

German and Austro Hungarian infantry marching together, on a 1 litre Merkelbach & Wick stein, 

dated 1914 - 1915.

W.S. (name unknown) 20-3-26-3
1914 Iron Cross decoration on pewter lid.

W.S. (name unknown) 20-3-26-4
Featured stein, left hand view.
"We will be one people of brothers not to be
divided in need much less in danger ---"

W.S. (name unknown) 20-3-26-6
W.S. (or S W.) Decorator's signature, adjacent 
to the handle lower attachment  (see above).

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