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Theodor Otto Hahn / Kakam Porzellan / Kakam-Kleinkunst (Hahn & Co.)
Theresienstraße 128, Zieblandstraße 18a, Neureutherstraße 25, Schleissheimer Straße 83, Heßstraße 49, Munich, Bavaria.
Kunstgewerbliche Gegenstände / Commercial Art Products (they are known to have painted both windows and steins).

Theodor Otto Hahn was born in Dresden in 1870, and came to Munich in 1898, as a Kunstmaler (artist decorator). His first known address was in 1900 & 1901, at Theresienstraße 128, 2nd floor. In 1902 he had moved to Zieblandstraße 18a, 1st floor. By 1903, he was at Neureutherstraße 25, 4th floor, until 1911 when  he moved to Schleissheimerstraße 83, 2nd floor. By 1915 he had formalised his business, by creating a company, named Kakam Porzellan. In 1918, this name was changed to
Kakam-Kleinkunst. In 1926, it is believed that he took on partners in the business, as the name changed again, this time to Kakam-Kleinkunst Hahn & Co. Also s
everal artist's initials (as yet unidentified), but including Th. Otto Hahn, have been reported to having been seen using the Kakam trade name. By 1927 the street name had changed to Schleissheimer Straße. This partnership was still trading during 1930, but by 1935, Hahn's business name had reverted to Theodor Otto Hahn, Kunstmaler, based at Heßstraße 49, 3rd floor. He was still listed there in 1941, but by 1953, his listing had disappeared. 

There was another Theodor Otto Hahn (possibly his father?) who had a workshop in Klotzsche, now a northern suburb of Dresden and who painted in the Dresden style. His workshop, known to have closed by 1906, used a rooster with Klotzsche underneath as its trade mark.

Decorated steins from the following makers : Reinhold Merkelbach, Wick-WerkeMarzi & Remy
Reference: Stein Collectors  Muenchen Adressbuch 1915, '26'35'41,'53

Kakam-Kleinkunst Hahn & Co. (Th. Otto Hahn) 12-5-27-2
St Rupertus stein, initialled by Theodor Otto Hahn inside the tableau and with the mark "KAKAM München", outside the tableau, bottom right.

Theodor Otto Hahn / Kakam Porzellan / Kakam-Kleinkunst (Hahn & Co.) 15-7-12-1
The 30th anniversary of the Oktoberfest National shooting contest in 1926 with a country banner dedication. The picture is of Prinz Alfons of Bavaria, a cavalry general. This has both THOH and KAKAM Munchen on the tableau.

Theordor Otto Hahn 8
Signature TH  OH split into two sections.

Kakama 3
KAKAM of Munich

Theodor Otto Hahn 18-10-12-3
Pewter lid on stein on the R/H side,
showing the Frauenkirche, together with the 
Münchner Kindl below.

Theodor Otto Hahn 12-2-29-1
Written signature TH on one side of illustration
on featured stein.

Theodor Otto Hahn 011
Written signature THOH all in one place

Theodor Otto Hahn 4
Written signature TH on one side of illustration

Kakam-Kleinkunst Hahn & Co. (Theodor Otto Hahn) 13-3-25-1
Another configuration of the signature of T.O.Hahn

Theodor Otto Hahn 20-3-21-2
Magnification of Theodor Otto Hahn's signature on the bottom right of the stein on the R/H side.

Kakam-Kleinkunst Hahn & Co. (Th. Otto Hahn) 12-5-27-1
Theodor Otto Hahn of Klotzsche, nr. Dresden, 
painted in the Dresden style.

Theodor Otto Hahn 12-2-29-2
Other half of signature OH on the other side of the illustration on featured stein.

Theodor Otto Hahn 010
"MB" "München, Bayern" on the other side of illustration.

Theodor Otto Hahn 5
Other half of signature OH on the other side of the illustration.

Theodor Otto Hahn 20-3-21-1
Stein depicting views of Munich, in particular the  Frauenkirche together with the Münchner Kindl.

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