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Franz Stöber
Höhr-Grenzhausen. Rhineland Palatinate?
Steinzeugfabrikant & Zinngiesserei / Stoneware manufacturer amd pewterer
Stöber was the manufacturing subcontractor to Rastal GmbH & Co. KG for the production of the Oktober Bierfest Jahreskrug, between 1978 and 1984.
He also supplied Franz Herb with Hofbrauhaus Festzelt tankards in 1989, 1992 & 1993.
Purchased steins from: Wick-Werke

Franz Stöber 12-3-6-2
Impressed capacity and maker's mark on
Paulaner Munchen stein, dated 1975.

G.Stober 1 
Touchmark on pewter lid.

Franz Stöber 3
Base marks on the first official Oktoberfest, Munich stein in 1978, including the distributor "Rastal" and the signature of the transfer designer Cornelia von Seidlein.

Franz Stöber 12-3-6-1
Paulaner Munchen stein with transfer decoration showing
Max Joseph Platz in Munchen, dated 1975.

Franz Stöber 4
The first official Oktoberfest stein, Munich, dated 1978.
Design is "Gingerbread hearts and a woman"

Franz Stöber 12-3-6-3

Paulaner Munchen stein unique impressed base mark, dated 1975.

Franz Herb 3
Impressed "FS" mark for Franz Herb

1992 Hofbrauhaus Festzelt 1 Ltr. tankard.

Franz Stöber 5
Impressed capacity mark and FS inside diamond, 
on the first official Oktoberfest, Munich stein in 1978.

Franz Stöber 12-4-12-1
Another way of saying West Germany
on the base of a F.Stober stein

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