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G.Sch. & M.Sch. (Josef Reinemann / Reinemann & Lichtinger)
Knöbelstraße 14, Munich. Bavaria.
Known dates: From circa 1905.
These ranges of steins which are marked G.Sch & M.Sch, used Merkelbach & Wick blanks in 0.5 and 1.0 litre capacities, but decorated by Josef Reinemann and
Reinemann & Lichtinger, using designs purchased from the designer/s then currently in vogue. Examples by Franz Ringer  Ludwig Holwein.  Carl Moos have been seen so far. G.Sch (Geschützt) marks are usually under the handle, whilst M.Sch (Musterschutz) marks are usually on the base, but have also been seen under the handle.
Examples in glass from Theresienthal Glasfabrik, using a similar format were also sold.


G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 12-10-28-2
Merkelbach & Wick stein and pewter lid designed by Ludwig Holwein and showing his unique mark, plus decoration no. #62 (Boar)
This is just one of a range of twelve designs from 1905 by Holwein. All of these steins had the ubiquitous JR/M (for Josef Reinemann) touchmark on the hinge pin.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 12-10-28-1
Basemark on featured stein above,
showing impressed Merkelbach & Wick mark,
M.Sch mark and penned decoration number #62 (Boar).

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (Josef Rei Lichtinger) 19-1-15-3
Front view incised decoration of a 0.5 litre 
Spatenbräu brewery stein.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (Josef Reinemann / Reinemann & Lichtinger) 19-1-15-2
Cast marks on the underside of the pewter lid of the Spatenbräu brewery stein

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (Josef Reinemann / Reinemann & Lichtinger) 19-1-15-1
Mensch sei Vergnügt! or Man be Joyful!
on the porcelain Insert on the lid
the Spatenbräu brewery stein.


G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 12-11-15-3
Carl Moos #81 with M.Sch mark, probably from 1908.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 12-11-15-2
M. Sch mark under the handle,
on featured Carl Moos #81 above.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 12-11-15-1
Impressed Merkelbach & Wick mark,
on featured Carl Moos #81 above.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (Josef Reinemann / Reinemann & Lichtinger) 13-11-8-2
Theresienthal glass stein depicting
St Paulus (Paul the apostle) 
"Paulus schrieb an die Corinthen 
sauft als wie die Bürstenbinder". 
A turn of the 20th century idiom, translates thus: 
Paul wrote about the Corinthians that they drank like fishes.

 G.Sch. & M.Sch. (Josef Reinemann / Reinemann & Lichtinger) 13-11-8-1
M Sch for Musterschutz, on the St Paulus stein above.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 6
Basemarks showing impressed Merkelbach & Wick, Holwein designed, M.Sch mark and penned decoration number #69 (Tulip design).

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 11-10-3-3

Stein by Merkelbach & Wick,
complete with a design and signature of Franz Ringer.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 11-10-3-2
Enlargement of Franz Ringer's signature
on featured stein above.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 11-10-3-1
 "M.Sch" mark
on the base of above featured Franz Ringer stein.

 "G.Sch" at base of handle,
on Merkelbach & Wick Stein

G.Sch. & M.Sch. 1
"G.Sch" at base of handle.

G.Sch. & M.Sch. (name unknown) 11-6-20-1
"G.Sch" at base of handle, on probable Carl Moos stein.

MSc 3
Basemarks showing impressed Merkelbach & Wick, Holwein designed, M.Sch mark and penned decoration number #64 (Stag).

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