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Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin
Kaufingergaße / Kaufingerstraße 9, - Schüsselbazar / Passage Schüssel, Munich. Bavaria.
Porzellan-Magazin. / Porcelain Store
Known dates: c.1874 - 1920's
The company was founded by Elias Michael SchüsselEduard Rau his son-in law (married to Amélie Schüssel)  ran the Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik Niederlage from one of the stores in the Schüsselbazar, which had been built by 1874. The son of Elias Michael, Karl Snr. also ran one of the stores in Passage Schüssel. Elias Michael Schüssel purchased the Nymphenburger Niederlage, and later connected Kaufingersgaße (now Kaufingerstraße) to Fürstenfeldergaße, (now Fürstenfelder Straße), in the area of the old city gate known as the Kaufingertor.  The resulting alley was called Passage Schüssel, in which were two glass roofed yards. These were destroyed in 1944. The name Kaufingertor was resurrected in May 1994, as a glass roofed shopping mall a short distance away. He had the pewterer Brüder Thannhauser as a next door neighbour from whom he purchased Reinhold MerkelbachMarzi & Remy & Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach - Bavaria stein bodies with the pewter already installed.
Reference: Uni-Heidelberg  Uni-Muenchen  Adressbuch München 1874  

Karl Schussel 11-7-23-1
"XIV. Oberbayrisches Bezirksturnfest in Murnau
am 28. und 29. Juni 1914. 1864- 50 jährige 
Gründungsfeier des -1914. Turnvereins Murnau".

Karl Schüssel 11-7-22-1
Ink stamp on base of featured stein, above

Karl Schussel11-7-23-2

1919 dedication on lid of featured stein, dated 1914.
"Turn Verein Murnau sl. Mitglied Osk.
Seufert Okt. 1919".

 Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 20-1-5-4
1/2L.Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #3282, dated 1910, female skier. Design by Ludwig Hohlwein

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 20-1-5-3
Pewter lid with ceramic insert
on above V&B-M #3282 stein.

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 20-1-5-2
"Bavaria, Geseztlich Geschützt, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off, Made in Germany, #3282, 10", on above V&B-M stein.

 Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 20-1-5-1
"Karl Schussel's Sport Series No.104, 
on above V&B-M #3282 stein.

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 15-5-12-1

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 16-11-25-3
Transfer printed Munich stein, designer unknown.

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 16-11-25-2
Lid top on the stein above, featuring the "Münchner Kindl" and Gruss aus München.

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 16-11-25-1
Cast pewterer's mark on the
underside of the lid above.

Karl Schüssel 11-06
Touchmark on the underside of a lid, 
on a KGL Hof-Bräuhaus München HB stein.

Karl Schüssel 4
Ink stamp on a Gruss aus München stein base.

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 19-11-22-4

Großherzoglichen Gymnasiums
zu Vecta 1714-1914

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 19-11-22-3
Pewter lid on the stein immediately above.

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 19-11-22-2
Cast pewterer's mark on the above stein lid.

Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin 15-12-8-2
Marzi & Remy #6133, dated 1910.

Karl Schüssel 2
Identical cast mark on underside of a lid to 
Marzi & Remy #6133, above

Karl Schüssel 5

K.S. / Münchner Kindl mark together
with impressed Marzi & Remy mark.

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