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Theodor Schmid
Dachauerstraße 99, Reifenstuelstraße 10/11, Arndtstraße 1 & Müllerstraße 44, Munich. Bavaria.
Glas und Porzellanmalerei. / Glass & Porcelain Decorator
Known dates: c.1899 - c.1937
Steins designed by:
Franz Ringer
Purchased stein bodies from: Johann Peter Thewalt, Merkelbach & Wick
Mark Durban  Phoenix

Theodor Schmid 20-2-20-2
! litre stein by Johann Peter Thewalt.

Theodor Schmid 20-2-20-1
Impressed JPT together with the ink stamp TH. Schmid basemarks on the above Johann Peter Thewalt stein.

Theodor Schmid 07
Student stein, decorated at Reifenstuelstraße 10./11.

Theodor Schmid 06
Featured student stein's lid insert, 
decorated at
 Reifenstuelstraße 10/11. 

Theodor Schmid 6
Artist's signature on Merkelbach & Wick stein, 
dated 1899.
Decorated at
Dachauerstraße 99.

Theodor Schmid 15-11-2-4
Transfer and hand painted stein dated 1903.
The design was originated by Franz Ringer.

Theodor Schmid 15-11-2-3
44th General meeting of the association of German engineers 1903, Hofbrauhaus München
Lid on above featured stein.

theodor Schmid 15-11-2-2
Basemark on above featured stein.

Johann Lindner 4
Cast mark by Johann Lindner, identical to the one on the underside of the pewter lid of the above featured stein.

Theodor Schmid 19-10-7-1
Theodor Schmid. Porzellan und Glasmalerei.
 Reifenstuelstraße 10/11, München.
This mark shown on the underside of a set of 
six identical steins, each fitted with an ornate 
pewter lid and a pewter pedestal base, but with different tableaux by the same artist.

Thomas H. Schmid 2
Ink stamped at Müllerstraße 44

Theodor Schmid 19-1-7-2
1 litre, Munich Maid mounted on a Ram,
stein body by Merkelbach & Wick

Theodor Schmid 19-1-7-1
Basemarks on 1 litre stein above, Inked signature of artist's name and address at Arndtstraße 1,
plus impressed Merkelbach & Wick roundel.

Theodor Schmid 15-6-11-1
Zur Erinnungen an der
19th Deutschen Malertag. Munchen 1905.

To the remembrance of the 
19th German painter's day. Munich 1905.

Thomas H. Schmid 3
Ink stamped at Müllerstraße 44, as per the stein above.

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