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Werkstätten für Keramik-Malerei G. Wieninger Snr.
Lindwurmstraße 93, Aberlestraße 16, Sendling, Munich. Bavaria.
Keramischer Malerei und Zinngießerei / Painters of ceramics and pewterer.
The company was a Mitglied des Verbandes Keramischer Malereien. (Member of the Federation of Ceramic Painting).
The following are thought to be home addresses. The years mentioned are when the streets were built or renamed: ● Gustav Wieninger Sen. at Tumblingerstraße 19 
& then after 1890, Oberländerstraße 12  Gustav Wieninger Jun. after 1886 Daiserstraße 13  Karl Wieninger at Lindwurmstraße 93, after 1878. 
The workshop was at Lindwurmstraße 93, up until 1904, and then moved to 
Aberlestraße 16, in 1904/5, where it remained until at least 1957. 
The business of Kaspar Reischenböch  was purchased on the 21st May 1910, by Gustav Wieninger Jun. and transferred to Aberlestraße 16,
Founded in 1828. It was thought they had finally closed circa 1999. However in July 1999, a new workshop at Am Lehwinkel 1, was opened by
Gabriele Wieninger, the great granddaughter of Gustav Snr. in the business of glass and porcelain painting & ceramic screen printing.

Purchased steins from: Merkelbach & Wick,  
Wick-Werke and with designs from Ludwig Holwein
Reference: Munich street names  Fotokeramik  
Adressbuch München 1874

G. (Gustav) Wieninger Snr. / K.Reischenböck Inhaber G. Wieninger Jun. 11-12-27-3

1/2 Litre transfer painted stein, dated 1930, with the Bavarian motto, "Pfüat Di Hiasl", used in this context as, "Goodbye Hiasl". An example of this stein exhibited at the Münchner Stadtmuseum resulted in publication of "Ludwig Hohlwein, Kunstgewerbe und Reklamekunst". Catalogue item #71 on page 98 is the Krug in question, has the photo caption, which reads "71. Seidel "Pfüat Di Hiasl" (Französischer Soldat) 1930" The Versailles Treaty stipulated that the occupying  military forces had to withdraw from the Bavarian Pfalz by 1935, although they actually withdrew in 1930. This stein is commemorating the bidding adieu to the French occupiers. Hiasl (the soldier shown above), is a nickname for Matthias, which should be interpreted as a reference to all the French occupiers.

G. (Gustav) Wieninger Snr. / K.Reischenböck Inhaber G. Wieninger Jun. 11-12-27-2
Base mark of selling agent,
on featured stoneware stein above.

G. (Gustav) Wieninger Snr. / K.Reischenböck Inhaber G. Wieninger Jun. 11-12-27-1
Signature of Ludwig Holwein on featured stoneware stein above.

Werkstätten für Keramik-Malerei G. Wieninger Snr. 12-5-15-1
Basemarks on a military mug, dedicated to the Panzerartilleriebataillon 35 (first mustered in 1962) and based at Dedelstorf. On the 1st October 1981, the battalion was renamed Panzerartilleriebataillon 335, which accurately dates this mark to between 1962 and the 1st Oct.1981. The Wick-Werke mark is correct for this period.

G.(Gustav) Wieninger Snr. 7
This ink stamp could be as late as 1999.
Could this be a 150th anniversary mark? 1978?

G. (Gustav) Wieninger Snr 010
Guard Pioneer Battalion, First Company. Berlin. Dated 1903-1905.

G.(Gustav) Wieninger Snr.8
Guard Pioneer Battalion, First Company. Berlin
on featured stein, dated 1903-1905.
Decorated at Aberlestraße 16.

G.(Gustav) Wieninger Snr.5
Decorated at Lindwurmstrasse 93,
presumably in 1904 or before.

G. (Gustav) Wieninger Snr.

Grenadier.-Rgt. Königin Olga, 1. Württ. Nr. 119 Stuttgart 12. Comp. 1902-1904. Decorated at Lindwurmstrasse 93.

G.(Gustav) Wieninger Snr. 6
Königin Elisabeth Garde Grenadier Regiment Nr. 3, dated 1909-11. Decorated at Aberlestrasse 16.

Werkstätten für Keramik-Malerei G. Wieninger Snr. 15-6-4-2

Dedicated to the comrades on their successful passing out. From the Officers of Teaching Battalion B, Artillery School, Jüterbog. Dated 1930's.

Werkstätten für Keramik-Malerei G. Wieninger Snr. 15-6-4-1
The lid on the above stein, showing
the "Stahlhelm" The symbol of the
  soldiers association, between the 1st & 2nd W.W.

G.(Gustav) Wieninger Snr. 1
Basemark on the featured stein, above,

Werkstätten für Keramik-Malerei G. Wieninger Snr.12-11-25-1
Cast mark on underside of pewter lid

G.(Gustav) Wieninger Snr.4
Cast mark on underside of pewter lid

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