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Hermann Wöllenstein
Marburg, Hesse.
Künstler Malerei. / Artist-Painter
Known dates: 1905 - 1919
Purchased stein bodies from:

Hermann Wöllenstein 13-7-6-2
Underside of lid on student stein, dated Christmas 1908.

Hermann Wöllenstein 13-7-6-1
Close-up of signature on the above lid.

Hermann Wöllenstein 2
Student stein lid, dated 1907, of the Burschenschaft Arminia, Marburg an der Lahn. This fraternity was founded on the 16/6/1860 with the colours of Black-Red-White. On the 5/3/1863 those colours changed to Black-Red-Gold. With the motto of "Gott, Freiheit, Vaterland!" or "God, Liberty, Fatherland!" the fraternity is still in existence today.
Reference: M.B.Arminia  Arminia

Hermann Wöllenstein 3
Artist's signature on student stein lid, dated Summer Semester 1907, of the Burschenschaft Arminia, 
Marburg an der Lahn.

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