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Wilhelm Imhoff
Wolfsschlucht 29, Cassel 66, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia (spelt as Kassel from 1926, & now situated in the state of Hesse).
Hersteller / Manufacturer

Hoflieferant to the court of the Großherzog of Hesse-Nassau
Known dates: <1881 - >1910
Imhoff was mainly known as a pipe maker but also decorated Reservist steins.

Wilhelm Imhoff 11-1
Cover from the 1910 catalogue.
N.B. Note the spelling, Jmhoff. I & J are interchangeable in German, so therefore it is pronounced Imhoff.

Wilhelm Imhoff 11-6
Mark on Pipe stem showing D.R.P. (Patent)

Wilhelm Imhoff 11-4
Mark on Pipe stem showing I.P.F (Patent pending)

Wilhelm Imhoff 1
Ink stamp on relief reservist stein dated 1900 - 1902.

Wilhelm Imhoff 12-5-15-1

6. Compagnie (Kompanie). 1. Ober-Elsässisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 167, Cassel. 1902 - 1904
N.B. Unusual relief porcelain stein, without lid.

Wilhelm Imhoff 4
Ink stamp on base of featured stein dated 1902 - 1904.

Wilhelm Imhoff 11-5
Decorated pipe bowl, similar to the examples shown on the catalogue page on top right.

Wilhelm Imhoff 11-3
Page from the 1910 catalogue.

Imhof 3
Pipe body, dated pre 1926.

Wilhelm Imhoff 11-8
Invoice dated 1882, signed by Wilhelm Jmhoff.

Wilhelm Imhoff 11-7
Advert. Click to enlarge.

Imhof 2
Tobacco package dated pre 1926.

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