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Whites of Utica

Utica, New York State. United States.

Hersteller / Manufacturer

Noah White began making pottery for several local firms in Utica, New York, circa 1834, In 1839 he bought out one of these companies, the Addington Pottery, and began making stoneware with the mark "N. WHITE” with the help of his son Nicholas A. White. Another son, William, joined the pottery in 1843; both were made partners in 1849 when the firm became "N. WHITE AND SONS”. William White sold out in 1856 and moved to Utica, Illinois, and the firm’s mark changed to "N. WHITE AND SON”. The marks "WHITES UTICA” OR "WHITE’S UTICA” were used from the 1850′s to the 1870′s. In 1863 Noah’s grandson William N. White joined the pottery and name changed to Noah White, Son and Company. Two years later Noah died and Nicholas assumed control of the works, changing the name to "N. A. WHITE AND COMPANY”. This name was modified slightly in 1867 to "N. A. WHITE AND SON” when his son became a partner. From 1876 to 1882 the firm’s mark became "WHITES, UTICA, N.Y.” In 1882 Nicholas’s younger son Charles N. White joined the pottery and the mark became "N.A. WHITE AND SON, UTICA, N.Y.” The company used the name "CENTRAL NEW YORK POTTERY” from 1890 to 1899, and then "WHITES POTTERY INC.” until the pottery stopped making stoneware in 1907. Richard Briggs Co. was an appointed vendor.

Stein production started in 1885. Designs by Hugo Billhardt, were introduced 1894 from onward.
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Whites of Utica 17-1-30-1
Probably made after 1901

Whites of Utica 15-2-8-1
The employees photographed
outside the White's factory in 1905

Whites of Utica 15-2-8-2
Advertisement in "The Brewer's Journal", 
dated 1st August 1894.

Whites of Utica 1

Whites stein, Large size No.8. It follows the normal American practice of having the main tableau/x 

on the sides, rather than the front. 

Dated between 1899 and 1907.

Whites of Utica 3
Impressed basemark on featured stein, 
dated between 1899 - 1907.

Whites of Utica 17-1-30-2
Probably made after 1901

Whites of Utica 11-8-2-1
Impressed mark on stein commemorating the
World's Fair in 1901, Buffalo, New York.

Whites of Utica 14-4-6-1
Central New York Pottery, Utica, New York,
mark dated between 1890 - 1899.

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