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 Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber Carl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius
Bergstraße 4 & 2, Höhr (now Höhr-Grenzhausen). Rhineland-Palatinate
Steinzeugwarenfabrik / Stoneware manufacturer
in 1874, August Josef Corzelius married Thekla, the daughter of the potter, Johann Josef Gerhards, and subsequently in 1878, took over and renamed his father-in-law's factory at Bergstraße 4. August Josef Corzelius died here in 1901, but only after the death of Thekla Corzelius in 1909, did their second son, Carl Johann Corzelius take over his father’s factory. Carl Johann in the meantime had married Anna Schmidt. Their son Werner Karl (b.12/11/1911 - d.30/12/1988), took over the business from his father in 1945. Up until this point all their pottery had been produced using potters wheels and other traditional methods. But in 1950 they started to design and produce stone tableware, using modern slip moulding techniques. In 1954 the company's name was changed to "Werner Corzelius". In 1966, the company purchased some machinery, moulds & inventory from J.W.Remy. Again in 1971, they purchased some moulds from Eckhardt & Engler, (Werner Karl was a cousin of the Eckhardt's by marriage). In 1975 the company was inherited by Werner Karl's son, Paul-Werner Corzelius (b.1/8/1941), firstly trading as a Limited Company (G.m.b.H) and then as a sole trader (Einzelfirma). At least one Marzi & Remy mould was purchased in the early to mid 1990's. In 2003 the production facilities were leased to another potter. When the two year lease finished in 2005, all stoneware production ceased.
The other branch of the Corzelius family is: A. Corzelius - Menningen / Paul und Hans Corzelius / Roger Corzelius
Reference: Character Steins  Westerwald Keramik  Werner Corzelius

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-1
Letter masthead, issued between 1909 &1945.

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-2
August Josef Corzelius b.28/11/1836 - d.7/11/1901.

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-4
Carl Johann Corzelius b.21/07/1875 - d.4/01/1949.

Werner Corzelius 17-12-10-4
Picture courtesy of Paul-Werner Corzelius, showing products relating to D.P. angem. 15090 / D.P. 1057482
Click to enlarge.

Werner Corzelius 17-12-10-6
Stein showing the inset, which together with its waterproof backdrop, forms the "stage".

Werner Corzelius 17-12-10-2`
The "stage" consisting of the inset, together with the waterproof backdrop and the dancing figures, powered by a clockwork motor underneath.

Werner Corzelius 17-12-10-1
View from underneath the base, showing the clockwork motor installation.

Werner Corzelius 3
Earlier Werner Corzelius impressed mark

Werner Corzelius 12-10-9-1
Impressed mark on Hofbräuhaus stein, dated 1984.

Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber C/Karl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius 05
Ink stamped mark dated 1954 - 1990, 
probably the latter end of this date range.

Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber C/Karl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius 12-5-31-1
"Made in Germany", 
indicates this stein was made post 1990.

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-3
 Töpferei Aug. Jos. Corzelius 
with finished product out front.

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-7
Early production 
 from Aug. Jos. Corzelius.

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-6
A selection of the various products made by the original Aug. Jos. Corzelius company, prior to adopting modern moulding techniques.

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber C/Karl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius 4
Original mould #425 was by Roßkopf & Gerz , which was purchased by Eckhardt & Engler and subsequently by Werner Corzelius. Therefore the example shown is dated, 1971 or later.

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber C/Karl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius 11-11-25-1
Sticker on W. Corzelius #424 was originally owned by Roßkopf & Gerz , then Eckhardt & Engler and finally by Werner Corzelius. Therefore the example shown is dated, 1971 or later.

Werner Corzelius13-6-7-1
Later combined maker's and capacity mark.

Werner Corzelius 2
Impressed mark dated 1954 - 1990

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber C/Karl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius 008
Impressed mark dated 1954 - 1990
probably the latter end of this date range.

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber C/Karl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius 13-7-5-1
Impressed mark, dated 1954 onward.

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-3
Thekla Corzelius b.2/10/1844 - d.23/1/1909.

Werner Corzelius 18-2-10-5
Anna Corzelius b.11/3/1876- 

 Werner Corzelius 13-6-12-1
Earlier Werner Corzelius basemark
on 4 litre cider bowl.

Aug. Jos. Corzelius (Inhaber C/Karl Johann Corzelius) / Werner Corzelius06
Earlier Werner Corzelius impressed mark,
during period of 1954 - 1990.

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius 20-4-23-5
This Munich souvenir stein was originally issued as Marzi & Remy #5354, in both single colour and full colour versions.

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius 20-4-23-4
Marzi & Remy #5354 basemarks on the stein above

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius 20-4-23-3
Wilhelm Krumeich (Wekara) version of M&R #5354

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius 20-4-23-1
Werner Corzelius version of M&R #5354
"Made in Germany" base mark on the stein below.. 

 Aug. Jos. Corzelius 20-4-23-2
A coloured version made by Werner Corzelius after German unification in 1990 and possibly after Marzi & Remy was sold to S.P. Gerz in 1994.

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