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D.K. (attributed to Carl Moos)
Munich, Bavaria
Entwerfer-Künstler / Designer Artist
Carl Moos: Born 1878. Died 1959. Active 1908 - 1930.
Was more famous for his advertising posters and postcards.
Purchased stein bodies from: ?

DK 2
Printed post card, originally painted by Carl Moos.
His signature can be seen bottom left.
DK 1
1 Litre stoneware stein, manufacturer unknown,
with a transfer design as per the postcard, left. Marked Dk.31, which can just be seen in this image, below & right of the main tableau. A 1/2 litre stein also exists with the identical decoration, but has no decorators mark adjacent to the main tableau.
Thought to be dated circa 1923.

DK 5
Details of mark Dk.31 as described
on featured stein picture, which can
be seen just below & right of main tableau.

DK 4
Basemarks on the 1 litre stein
showing decoration mark D31/4.

DK 3
Basemarks on the matching 1/2 litre stein
showing decoration mark D31/1.

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