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Dorfner & Co.

Hirschau bei Amberg, Bavaria.
Porzellan- und Steingutfabrik, sowie Kaolinschlämmerei / Manufacturers of porcelain & earthenware and kaolin treatment.

Founded in April 1826 by the partnership of, Karl Martin Dorfner, Joseph Konstantin Dorfner, Heinrich Waffler (I) & Johann Dietrich Mayer. Within two years, they had a total of 45 employees, some of which were involved in kaolin mining and preparation, but included 26 potters and one or two decorators. By 1833 Heinrich Waffler had left and in 1849 Johann Mayer and his family emigrated to America. By 1870 the employee count had risen to 120. By 1883 and until 1890 the partnership was made up of Josef, Michael and Ernst Dorfner, with Josef as Managing Partner. However in 1890 the partnership fragmented, due to constant family disputes, although production continued. Some shares in the company were sold in 1894. Ernst Dorfner then started his own company, whilst the sons of Josef Dorfner, Hermann & Florian, founded the 
Gebrüder Dorfneron the 16th January 1895.

Reference: Kaolin Mines

Dorfner & Co.11-8-19-1

Dorfner & Co. 11-8-19-2
Imprinted mark "Hirschau / D & C" 
on featured above stein
N.B. The "D&C" is centrally justified to "Hirschau", unlike the
Ernst Dorfner version.

Ernst Dorfner & Co. 4
Another imprinted mark "Hirschau / D & C" 
N.B. The "D&C" is centrally justified to "Hirschau", unlike the Ernst Dorfner version

Ernst Dorfner & Co.
D & C. with ampersand and full stop.

dorfer & Co. 21-7-30-5
Occupational stein for a Wood Turner, dated 1894

Dorfer & Co. 21-7-30-4
D C. for Dorner & Co. on the underside 
of the base of the featured stein above.

Dorfer & Co. 21-7-30-3
There is also a separate Hirschau 
on the base of the featured 
stein above .

Otto Aigner 3
Impressed "D.& C.", plus Otto Aigner ink stamp on featured 1/2 Ltr. stein commemorating the 7th German "Turnfest" held in Munich, dates: 27th-31st, July 1889. 

Dorfer & Co. 21-7-30-2
2 Litre Dorfer & Co.
"Wohl nun der Guss beginnen".
Now the pouring can begin.

Dorfer & Co. 21-7-30-6
Hischau / D&C. on the base of the above stein.
N.B. The "D&C" is centrally justified to "Hirschau", unlike the Ernst Dorfner version.

Ernst Dorfner & Co. 5
D & C with ampersand and no full stop.

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