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Porzellanfabrik C.M (Carl Magnus) Hutschenreuther
Hohenberg an der Eger. Bavaria.
Hersteller / Manufacturer
Known dates:
Purchased the Carl Auvera (G.Bauer) factories (Arzberg) in 1918. Merged with Lorenz Hutschenreuter in 1969.
Hutschenreuther became part of the Rosenthal division of the Waterford Wedgwood Group in 2000.
Reference: Wikipedia Porcelain Marks & More  Sygnatury24

C.M (Carl Magnus) Hutschenreuther 2
Dated 1913 - 1934

Porzellanfabrik C.M (Carl Magnus) Hutschenreuther 13-10-1-1
Porcelain plate made by Carl Magnus Hutschenreuter and sold by Martin Pauson. The main design is underglaze with the "gold rays' and large dots, also in gold being added overglaze. Dated post WW1.

Porzellanfabrik C.M (Carl Magnus) Hutschenreuther 13-10-1-2
Back marks on the Oberammergau plate above.
Both marks are underglaze.

C.M (Carl Magnus) Hutschenreuther 3
C.M.Hutschenreuther stein, dated c.1933.
decorated and lidded by Chr. Reck.

C.M (Carl Magnus) Hutschenreuther 1
Ink stamp, dated 1918 - 1933.

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