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Johann (Christian David) von Schwarz (Norista & Norica)

Nuremberg-Ostbahnhof, Bavaria.
Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.
The firm named Johann von Schwarz (Nürnberg b.1802-d.1885 Nürnberg) was founded about 1859 in Nürnberg as a Specksteingasbrenner factory, or Soapstone gas burner factory. They first started produce their own Terracotta wares in 1866, followed by Majolicaware and Art Faience in 1870. During this period they had around 150 employees. When Johann died in 1855, his sons Benedict (b.1825-d.1895) and Ludwig (1828- d.1912) ran the company. In 1895 the two sons of Benedict, George (b.1852-d.1906) and Benno (b.1861-d.1920) became co-owners. This was the start of the Jugendstil period and the brothers had the vision to celebrate it. To this end they employed Carl Ludwig Luber, as their designer in 1896. The first Jugendstil products were produced in 1897. Luber left in 1906. The factory eventually closed, after Benno's death, in 1921.
Stein designed by:
Carl Sigmund Luber
Reference: Abcap

Johann (Christian David) von Schwarz (Norista) 3
Basemark on featured stein, Norista #50

Johann (Christian David) von Schwarz (Norista) 4
         Clearer mark on #56, NORISTA
showing J.v.S for Johann von Schwarz

Johann (Christian David) von Schwarz (Norista) 1
Norista stein by Johann von Schwarz,
designed by Carl Sigmund Luber. 
Probably dated 1897 - 1906.

Johann (Christian David) von Schwarz 1

Advertisement featured in the
Ceramical Address Book of 1883. 

Johann (Christian David) von Schwarz (Norista) 2
Side view of featured stein

Johann (Christian David) von Schwarz (Norista or Norica) 16-7-5-1
NORICA on illustrated square ceramic box
showing J.v.S for Johann von Schwarz

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