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Thierry & Breul
Odeonsplatz 1 & 9, Munich, Bavaria and London, Great Britain.
Keramikwarenhandel / Ceramics Wholesalers
In 1874 the company consisted of the senior partner's widow Sophie Thierry and Camille Thierry (presumably her daughter) who were resident at Odeonsplatz 1,
together with Anton Breul who lived at 
Odeonsplatz 9.
Königlich Bayerischer Hoflieferant und Königinlich Großbritannien Hoflieferant / Supplier to the Royal Bavarian Court and "By Appointment" to Queen Victoria, Great Britain.
Known dates: 1866 - 1885 and maybe into the 20th century
Purchased steins from: Doulton of Lambeth. UK
Reference: Stein Collectors   Adressbuch München 1874 (1)  Adressbuch München 1874 (2)

Thierry & Breul 1
Stein manufactured by Doulton of Lambeth, London, U.K. and distributed by Thierry & Breul of Munich, 
dated 1866 - 1885. It was probably lidded in Munich. 
Their respective London addresses were only 
three miles apart.

Thierry & Breul 2

Impressed marks, on featured stein, of manufacturer, Doulton of Lambeth, London U.K. and distributor,
Thierry & Bruel of Munich.
Note the spiral rings which occur when the piece is parted from the potter's wheel.

Thierry & Breul 4

 Moulded Münchner Kindl on the front of another 
Doulton of Lambeth stein with pewter lid and complete with Thiery & Breul mark below. 

Thierry & Breul 3
Impressed mark on a Doulton of Lambeth lidded stein with moulded Münchner Kindl on the front.

Thierry & Breul 18-4-26-3
1 litre stein with a moulded Münchner Kindl manufactured by Doulton of Lambeth, London, U.K. and distributed by Thierry & Breul of Munich, dated 1866 - 1885. 
It was probably lidded in Munich. 

Thierry & Breul 18-4-26-1
Thierry & Breul 18-4-26-2
Impressed marks on opposite sides of
the base of the Doulton of Lambeth lidded stein
with a moulded 
Münchner Kindl on the front,
on the above stein.

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