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Hans Eduard von Berlepsch-Valendàs

 Zürich & Munich
Architekt & Künstler / Architect & Artist
Berlepsch-Valendas was a Swiss-born architect, designer and artist who later established himself in Munich, where he was a key figure in the development of the Jugendstil movement there. He also had several British contacts and was strongly influenced by the English Garden City movement. A dedicated social reformer, his most ambitious project as an architect was his plan for a large garden city in Perlach just to the south of Munich, which were never executed. 

Known dates: Born in 1849. Died in 1921. Active in stein design 1900 - 1905
Designed for:
Reinhold Merkelbach (1905 catalogue) #1961(1.0Ltr, 1.5Ltr, 2.0Ltr & 3.0Ltr) #1961a(0.3Ltr)

Hans Eduard von Berlepsch-Valendàs 2
Impressed marks on featured stein.

Hans Eduard von Berlepsch-Valendàs 1
Reinhold Merkelbach #1961 (various sizes)
circa 1904.

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