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William Downs
Chittenango, New York State, United States.
Entwerfer & Modelleur / Designer & Modeller
William Downs came from Trenton Ohio, and was employed by the Chittenango Pottery Company for a short period between 1897 and 1902.
Reference: Ron Fox

William Downes 1
 "Man reading Madison County Times newspaper". 
Stein is by Chittenango Pottery Co.
Pewter lid is by Manning Bowman.

Manning Bowman & Co. 13-3-21-1

Note the unique method of attaching the pewter work to the handle, together with the thumbpull which denotes a Manning Bowman lid. The stein supplier is Chittenango Pottery Co.




William Downs 13-3-22-1
The signature of William Downs close to the handle base on the featured stein centre.

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