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Columbian Art Pottery (Morris Willmore Co.)
Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.
Known dates: Founded 1892 - 1902
William T. Morris and Francis Willmore, who had previously worked at Royal Worcester and Ott & Brewer, opened their own business in 1892 as the Columbian Art Pottery, to produce exhibits for the World’s Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. They produced both Belleek (indicated by a shield with the intertwined letters M.W.) and quality decorated white ware. In 1901 they had 45 employees. The company closed circa 1902.
Their lids were provided by Manning Bowman & Co.

Columbian Art Pottery (Morris & Willmore) 7

Details of Manning Bowman pewterwork, 

Note the unique method of attaching the pewter work to the handle, together with the thumbpull which denotes a Manning Bowman lid.

Columbian Art Pottery (Morris & Willmore) 06

Manning Bowman silver plated pewter lid with an 

O'Hara Dial insert and the unique Manning Bowman thumb-pull on a 1.5 litre Belleek pouring stein, 

Note another unique method of attaching the pewter work, with a spigot through a drilled hole in the handle. 

Columbian Art Pottery 1
Whiteware stein complete with ubiquitous "Fiddling Monk" transfer decoration and paint embellishment..

Columbian Art Pottery 5
Columbian Art Pottery mark deliberately covered on souvenir piece marked World’s Columbian Exposition.

Columbian Art Pottery (Morris Willmore Co.) 8
Morris Willmore Co. ink stamp mark

Columbian Art Pottery 2
Manufacturer's ink stamp on featured stein, complete with mark of supplier of pewterwork, Manning Bowman.

Columbian Art Pottery 6
Manufacturer's ink stamp

Details of Manning Bowman pewterwork, 07
Morris Willmore Co. ink stamp mark on a Belleek stein.

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