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Wilhelm Kagel

Hindenburgstraße / Bahnhofstraße 56a, Villa Trautheim, Partenkirchen (now Garmisch - Partenkirchen) Bavaria.
Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.
Fresco painter, studio potter and pottery manufacturer Wilhelm Kagel was born in Gnoien, Mecklenburg on the 21st October 1867. He initially worked as a journeyman painter, but from 1887 studied fresco and decorative painting at the School of Applied Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule) in Munich, under Emanuel von Seidel. He settled in Partenkirchen in 1891, establishing a decoration business (Partenkirchen was not officially joined with Garmisch until 1936).
When orders for fresco painting slowed, he turned his attention to pottery, installing his own kiln in 1904 and in 1906 established his Art Craft Studios (Kunsthandwerkliche Werkstätten), where he made hand thrown "Folk Art" decorated tableware. The workshop employed 20 employees by 1910. During 1931 -1932, Hedwig Bollhagen worked here, prior to starting her own pottery.  Wilhelm Kagel died on the 14th March 1935 and was succeeded by his sons Willy Kagel Jnr. (b.1st January 1906 – d.31st August 1987), who had studied at  the  Keramische Fachschule in Höhr, from 1924 - 26 and Eugen Kagel (b.1909 - d.1992), who administrated the company. After Willy Kagel Jnr’s death the studio closed.
  Ceramics today

Wilhelm Kagel 1
 0.25Ltr. souvenir stein with Garmisch - Partenkirchen written on the side, indicating a date of 1936 or later. Pewter lid comes with closed three ring hinge.

Wilhelm Kagel 2
Paper label, indicating production after 1950, 
on the base of featured stein above.
The inside of the stein is the same colour as the base.

Wilhelm Kagel 17-5-31-2
Post 1950 jug attributed to "Willy"Kagel.

Wilhelm Kagel 17-5-31-1
Impressed WK basemark (as shown on right),
 together with an identical paper label
(as shown on left), 
on the Kagel jug above.

Wilhelm Kagel 17-5-31-4
Post 1935 stein attributed to "Willy"Kagel Jnr.
Pewter lid comes with closed three ring hinge.

Wilhelm Kagel 17-5-31-3
Impressed WK basemark on the Kagel stein above.

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