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Karl Schmid
Fürther Straße 198, Ground floor, Nuremberg, Bavaria
Zinngießerei / Pewterer.
Known dates: 1928 - 1934
Purchased stein bodies from: 

Karl Schmid 18-1-19-2
Lid mounted on featured Sachsenglas stein,
shown top centre.

Karl Schmid 2
Punched mark on underside of lid, 
immediately on right.

Karl Schmid 18-1-19-1
0.5 litre, dimpled Sachsenglas glass stein

Karl Schmid 18-1-19-5
Generic brewery stein lid, showing one of the four Nuremberg garrison towers, mounted on glass stein, & in small text Warenzeichen - Registered trade mark.

Karl Schmid 18-1-19-4
Pewterer's touch mark on the underside of the lid
on the Sachsenglass stein, shown top left.

Karl Schmid 18-1-19-3
Sachsenglas Crown trade mark used from 1897,
on base of the glass stein shown top centre.

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