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Usona Art Pottery
146 Church Alley, Chester, West Virginia, (across the river from East Liverpool, Ohio), United States.
Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.
Known dates: 1932 - 1952.
Usona stands for the "United States Of North America". It is believed that the "Goodwin" mark refers to the family of John Goodwin, who started a pottery company in 1843 and whose successors  continued it through to 1913. Usona may have been run by a member of the Goodwin family.
Used designs by: F. Earl Christy

Usona Art Pottery 2
Ink stamp on base of featured tankard.

Usona Art Pottery 1
Tankard with illustration depicting Yale University
football player, manufactured circa 1930's,
but copying an earlier style.

Usona Art Pottery 3
The signature of designer F. Earl Christy

Usona Art Pottery 4
A more complete version of the mark.

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