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Eduard Bockhorni (Otto Bockhorni)
ße 40, 60, Munich, Bavaria.
Zinngießerei. / Pewterer.
Known dates: Circa 1900 - 1925.
There was a well known Glasmalerei, Joseph Peter Bockhorni (b.1832 - d.1905) who specialised in church stained glass windows. Considering that these windows used lead / tin strips to hold the glass elements together, it is not unreasonable to consider that Eduard Bockhorni the pewterer, and Otto, Eduards's son, could have been his relatives.
J.P.Bockhoni's father, Felix (b.1801 - d.1878) was a well known landscape painter for the Royal Bavarian court.
Purchased stein bodies from: ?

Bockhorni 2

Cast mark on underside of
"Schwabingerbräu" 1 Ltr. brewery stein lid.

Bockhorni 1

"Schwabingerbräu" 1 Ltr. brewery stein. 

Bockhorni 3

"Schwabingerbräu" 1 Ltr. brewery stein lid. 

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