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C.W. Scheffler
Leipzig, Saxony & Köhnstraße, Nuremberg, Bavaria
Grosshandlung in Glas und Zinngießerei. / Glass wholesaler & pewterer.
Purchased stein bodies from: 
Known dates: 1878 - 88
Theodor Wieseler worked as a representative, covering Bavaria, Baden & Württemberg for C. W. Scheffler.
In 1886 he opened a new branch of C. W. Scheffler Niederlage, which was situated in Köhnstraße, Nuremberg.

Saxony Address books

O.W. Scheffler 2
Punched mark, dated circa 1888 on the lid of the featured stein. Theodor Wieseler was obviously a Royalist. When he left Scheffler to start up his own company, Süddeutsche Glasmanufaktur - Theodor Wieseler, he took the same stein design, and  same subject matter with him, but sold it with his own 
base mark.

O.W. Scheffler 1
Kaiser Wilhelm II, together with his wife, Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria and son, Kronprinz Wilhelm. Portrait is probably dated in the year of his accession, 1888.

C.W. Scheffler 3
Invoice dated 1878

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