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Adolf Hengeler
Munich. Bavaria.
Künstler / Artist
Born 11th February 1863 in Kempten , Allgäu , Died 3rd December 1927 in Munich 
Designed for:  Brüder Thannhauser. München,
Reference: Wikipedia

Adolf Hengeler 15-2-7-3
Side view of the featured stein, right.

Adolf Hengeler 15-2-7-6
Base marks on the Brüder Thannhauser. München
stein on the top row,

Im Schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon
Da trank ein Mann drei Tag,
Bis dass er steif wie ein Besenstiel
Am Marmortische lag. 

 At the Black Whale in Ascalon
A man drank for three days
Until, stiff as a broomstick,
He lay on the marble table. 

"Im Schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon
Da sprach der Wirt: "Halt an!
Der trinkt von meinem Dattelsaft
Mehr als er zahlen kann."

In the Black Whale at Ascalon
The innkeeeper said: "That's enough,
He's drinking more of my date juice
Than he can ever pay for."

Im Schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon
Da bracht' der Kellner Schar
In Keilschrift auf sechs Ziegelstein
Dem Gast die Rechnung dar.

In the Black Whale at Ascalon
A group of waiters brought
On six tiles written in cuneiform.
The bill up to the guest.

Im Schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon
Da sprach der Gast: "O weh!
Mein baares Geld gieng alles drauf
Im Lamm zu Niniveh!" 

In the Black Whale at Ascalon
The guest said: "Oh, my!
All my ready cash was spent
At the Lamb in Niniveh!"

Im Schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon
Da schlug die Uhr halb vier
Da warf der Hausknecht aus Nubierland
Den Fremden vor die Tür.

In the Black Whale at Ascalon
The clock struck half past three
When the Nubian porter threw
The stranger out the door

Im Schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon
Wird kein Prophet geehrt
Und wer vergnügt dort leben will
Zahlt baar, was er verzehrt.

In the Black Whale at Ascalon
No prophet is honored
And he who wants to live there in pleasure 
Must pay cash for what he consumes. 












Adolf Hengeler 15-2-7-1
This Stein, together with the one below, each quote a verse/s of the drinking song by Joseph Victor von Scheffel, "Im schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon"  There are six verses below left, so therefore one must assume that these must be two of a range of steins.

Adolf Hengeler 15-2-7-4
Pewter lid of the stein above, showing player rejoicing having knocked down all 9 pins / skittles.

Adolf Hengler 1
This stein is similar in style to Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #2583 designed by Quidenus with the subject of "The Black Whale at Ascalon". However the manufacturer of the stein body currently remains unidentified.

Adolf Hengeler 15-2-7-2
Side view of the featured stein, left.

Adolf Hengeler 15-2-7-5
Magnification of the decorator's signature 
on the featured stein on the top row.

Adolf Hengeler 3
Decorator's base marks on the Brüder Thannhauser. München stein on the immediate left,

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