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Unidentified marks
Can you identify any of the following marks? Perhaps a stein in your collection has one of these marks?
In some cases I have the photo of the corresponding stein, which I can e-mail to anyone who thinks they might know the answer.
Watch this space, there are plenty more to follow.

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 M&W #2126 unknown designer
 M&W #2126, unknown designer signature

Unknown L34
Image L34 Leaping stag mark
on 1/4L Westerwald stein

CB Unidentified
Image L33. Basemark on a stein 
featuring a relief image of the Bratwurstglocklein

Unidentified marks 15-10-13-1
Image L32. Post war stein 1970's? 
Has been seen with impressed "West Germany".

Unknown 15-4-2-1
Image L31, mark on underside of plain lid

Unidentified marks 14-1-18-1
L29 Mark on Bohemian style stein

Unidentified L27
Image L27. Pewterer's mark

Unknown mark 12-4-6-1
Image L24 (Johann Remy / Rohrbach?)

Unidentified marks 11-12-30-1
Image L 23

Unidentified mark 11-10-3-1
Image L22.  Moulded mark on base of glass stein

.Unknown 11-8-21-35
Image L21. Unknown (amateur or professional) artist on a Ceramic Art Company - Beleek stein

Unknown 11-8-21-34
Image L20

Unknown 11-8-21.33
Image L19.  Wekara?

Unknown 11-8-21-32
Image L18. Unknown maker who supplied steins for onward decoration, Theo Kuhn was supplied this way.

Unknown 11-8-21-25

Image L15.  JRH touchmark has been used on a Dümler & Breiden kanne #20

Unknown 11-8-21-23
Image L14

Unkown 11-8-21-6
Image L11. A Swiss (Zurich)1901, 0.4 L cap mark. CK?

Unknown 11-8-21-4

Image L9   AH behind the handle

Unknown 11-8-21-3
Image L8

Unknown 11-8-21-2
Image L7

Unknown 11-7-21-14
Image L5

Unknown 11-8-21-13
Image L4  HF?

Unknown 11-8-21-16
Image L1

 S.P.Gerz 19-10-7-1
Impressed base mark on S.P.Gerz #880 0.4L
Made possibly for a retailing store?

Unidentified C33a
Unidentified C33
2 images above:
Salt glazed Westerwald stein TH. Image C33

Image C31 Impressed mark
Image C32 Impressed mark on a Jacksonville publicity stein, made in the Westerwald.

Unidentified C31
Image C31 Impressed mark on Marzi & Remy stein

Unknown c29
Image C29 base mark on a stoneware stein, possibly by a Munich based decorator, dated pre 1889.

Unknown C28
Image C28

Unknown C27
Image C27

Unknown C26
Image C26

Unknown C25
Image C25

Unknown Mark 12-5-29-2
Image C24

Unknown mark 12-5-2-1
Image C23
Artist's mark on Jos Lichtinger / Merkelbach & Wick stein

Unknown 11-8-21-51
Image C19

Unknown 11-8-21-30

Image C15.  Underside of lid on stein decorated in green.

Unknown 11-8-21-29
Image C14.  Base mark from stein decorated in green. 

Unknown 11-8-21-47
Image C13

Unknown 11-8-21-45
Image C11.  Karl Beuler has been suggested.

Unknown 11-8-21-44
Image C10.  Unknown decorator on a Karl Rau stein

Unknown 11-8-21-40

Image C7

Unknown 11-8-21-39
Image C6

Unknown 11-8-21-37
Image C4.  Decorator or vendor? on a Gerz #788

Unknown 11-7-21-11
Image C2 Post war mark

Unidentified R26
R26 Majolica serving jug

Unidentified R25
Image R25

Unidentified L34
Image R24
Basemark on a West German "Faience" style stein

Unknown R23
Image R23. Post war pewterer's mark on lid rim. 
Seen on several different makes of Westerwald stein

Unknown R22
Image R22

Meringer Kunsttöpferei - Johann Lipp 11-9-1-3
Image R19. Unknown pewterer on Johann Lipp stein

Unknown 11-8-21-68
Image R18  "LE"?

Unknown 11-8-21-67
Image R17

Unknown 11-8-21-63
Image R14

Unknown 11-8-21-62
Image R13

Unknown 11-8-21-60
Image R11

Unknown 11-8-21-58
Image R10

Unknown 11-8-21-56

Image R9, Gerhard Knopf in Steinbach, c.1975

Unknown 11-8-21-55
Image R8. Probably a counterfeit version of the
beehive mark of Royal Vienna Porcelain.
Possibly Ackermann & Fritze - Volkstedt

Unknown 11-8-21-54
Image R7.  On underside of lid of RM #2164 stein

Unknown 11-8-21-53
Image R6

Image R27
Image R 27. The Pillars of the building spell out COPIE.
The initials are probably decorators marks.

Unknown 11-8-21-21
Image R5. On lid of V&B - Mettlach #2091 dated 1894

Unknown 11-8-21-20-1
Image R4.  GM=Master Silversmith unknown. 3 Crowns=Sweden.
Kings head=Stockholm. H6?=1886

Unknown 11-8-21-19
Image R3. Sevre - Old or repro?

Unknown 11-8-21-57
Image R2.  evre Old or repro or fake?

Unknown 11-8-21-17-1
Image R1

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