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Steingutfabrik Adolf Heckmann / Annaburger Steingutfabrik A.G. / (V.E.B.) Annaburg Porzellan (GmbH)

Torgauer Strasse 60, Annaburg, Saxony-Anhalt.

Hersteller / Manufacturer
Founded in 1874, but only became successful in 1883 when it became Steingutfabrik Adolf Heckmann. Became Annaburger Steingutfabrik in 1895.
V.E.B Annaburg Porzellan in 1950, followed by Annaburg Porzellan GmbH in 1992. Is still in business today.

References: Porcelain Marks & More  Annaburg Porzellan GmbH


Annaburg Porzellan

Annaburg Porzellan 2
Basemark on featured stein

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