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G.T. Kellein (Witwe) / Christian Kellein
Maximilianstraße 9 then 15, Bayreuth, Bavaria 
Zinngießermeister / Master Pewterer.
There was a Kellein at Hauptstraße 10, in 1820, which had been renamed Maximilianstraße by 1843. Gottfried Theodor Kellein was a Zinngießermeister by this time.
 He died in 1874 and his widow Babette ran the business until at least 1884. By 1889 their son Christian, also now a  Zinngießermeisterhad located the business at 
Maximilianstraße 15. By 1901, the name Maximilianstraße has been shortened to Maxstraße and Christian is no longer listed as a Zinngießermeister, but a Privatier (self employed?). The year 1930 shows a change of address to Dammwäldchen 2/11, and in 1937 he can be found at Heißingerplatz  2/11. 
The street name Maxstraße reverted back to Maximilianstraße, postwar. No records exist beyond 1937.
Purchased steins from:
Bayreuther Adressbücher

TG Kellein 3
An alternative trade mark.

 T G Kellein 1
Theodore Gottfried Kellein touch mark 
on the underside of flat lid.

TG Kellein 4
Another illustration of a trademark

TG Kellein 2

Illustration of trademark of Gottfried Theodor Kellein
(b.1804 – d.1874) from Bayreuth, Bavaria.
He had become a
Zinngießermeister by 1843.

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