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William T. Exton 
Trenton, New Jersey, United States.
Jobbing Trader
William Exton was born in 18th August, 1855 and died in 4th April, 1915, aged 59. He was a nephew of Adam Exton, owner of Exton Cracker Bakery and inventor of the oyster cracker. William T. Exton worked at the bakery as a boy, and established his own cake and cracker store in January, 1888. He retired from his cake store in 1905, and became a jobber in general pottery wares, which he continued with, until late 1914.  A jobber buys goods from wholesalers in "job lots" (small lots of miscellaneous goods), and sells them to retailers. It is assumed that he arranged for the steins to be specially decorated, either by the manufacturer or a third party.
Reference: W. Exton

W. Exton 2
Yale University's sport's mascot "Handsome Dan".

W. Exton 5
Another tankard presumably from a different factory.

W. Exton 3
Basemark on featured stein.

W. Exton 4
Front Graphic on a later tankard, dated 1917.

W. Exton 1

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