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Samuel Liebschütz 
3 Mark Bazar, situated at Marienplatz 26, Munich, Bavaria
Keramikwarenhandel. / Ceramics Retailer.
Known dates: 1887 - 1911
Purchased steins from: L. Bauernfreund   Gebrüder Horn

S. Liebschütz 15-5-2-1

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2167, Erstes Blatt, LXXXVI. Band (86th volume);

München, den 6. February 1887

1/2 litre Mephistopheles (the Devil) character stein by Hauber & Reuther, (as below), dated 1882-1887.
Translation: Legally Protected = patented, copyrighted
Newest, most original and practical beer stein in bottle form, (made) out of earthenware.
(In order) to obtain (one) pay in advance 5 Marks (which) includes packing from S. Liebschütz, Munich.
L. Bauernfreund & Co. 06

1/2 litre Mephistopheles (the Devil) character stein by Hauber & Reuther, (as per the advert. above), dated 1882-1887. Known as ECS465.
Supplied and marked 
L. Bauernfreund & Cie.

S. Liebschütz 15-5-12-1
Advertisement from the catalogue of Munich's 3rd International Art Exposition, dated June 1888.

Translation: Short fancy goods, Wallets and travel articles, Fantasy and knick-knack items. 
Imitation leather items

Souvenirs of Munich,

Beer mugs and glasses,

Parasols and umbrellas for men and women.

Each piece without exception 3 marks.

 Free illustrated catalogue, and postage paid.

Samuel Liebschütz 16-12-19-2
Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2223, Zweites Blatt, LXXXVIII. Band (88th volume)
München, den 4. March 1888

Bottle - Stein.                        Novelty.
1/2 liter stein (made) of the finest blue pottery with the best original moulded (figures of): tom-cat, monkey, herring, etc. (drinking symbols). Sent only with cash on delivery of 3 Marks, includes packaging.
"3 Mark-Bazar"
S. Liebschütz, Munich.
Free Illustrated Catalogue.

Samuel Liebschütz 16-12-28-1
1/2 litre blue - grey glazed bottle stein by Hauber & Reuther #183. Known as ECS464. It has the same body but different lid and handle to the 
Mephistopheles (Devil) character stein seen left. Supplied and marked L. Bauernfreund & Cie.

S. Liebschütz 15-5-2-2

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2196, Erstes Blatt, LXXXVII. Band (87th volume);

München, den 28. August 1887

Translation: German Michael - Newest (and) best original 1/2 L. beer stein (made of) the finest colored Faience.  Cash on delivery from M3.50 including packing, from S. Liebschütz, 3 Mark-Bazar, Munich.
Deutscher Michel / Michl or German Michael, is a fictional character who is representative of how the German people thought of themselves as "easy going" and as the "everyday man".

S. Leibschütz 16-3-28-1
"Der Deutsche Michel", mould #1045. Dated circa 1887, manufactured by Gebrüder Horn.
This stein has also been assigned the ECS225 number, which is shared with the "Monk" stein which uses Mould #138. To differentiate, "Der Deutsche Michel" is ECS225R.

Samuel Liebschütz 16-12-19-1

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2295, Drittes Blatt, XCI. Band (=91st volume)

München, den 21. July 1889

Souvenir of the Raupenhelm
(Dragoon's Crested Helmet) 
Beer Stein with lid in the form of a Raupenhelm
1/2 litre Crystal Glass 4 marks
1/2 litre Ivory Stoneware 5 marks
1 litre Old German Blue Stoneware 6 marks
Packing 50 Pfennig cash on delivery
S. Liebschütz & Co., Munich.

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