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John Grinsell and Sons 
Works: Victoria Works, 57 Tower Street, St. George's, Birmingham. Great Britain.
13 Charterhouse Street, Holborn Circus, London. Great Britain. & 73 West Nile Street, Glasgow. Great Britain.
Silberschmeid / Silversmiths
Before 1864 until 1871 John Grinsell was in partnership as Grinsell and Bourne. However that partnership was dissolved and in 1871 he went into business with his four sons, as 
John Grinsell and Sons. In September 1905 this became a Limited company. The company was still in business in 1939.


john Grinsell 1
Marked J.G. & Sons. Probably late 19th Century.
Originally Silver plated on copper.

John Grinsell 2
J.G&S Silver mark

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