Johann Klammerer

Johann Kammerer (vormals Simon Starzinger)
Giselakai 15, & Maxglaner Hauptstraße 6, Salzburg, Austria.
Zingießer / Pewterer
Johann Kammerer was born on March 12th, 1894 in Salzburg, married Theresia Wank on November 7th, 1920. His father was Franz Kammerer, also a pewterer and glazier. In October 1920 he took over the business from Simon Starzinger at Giselakai 15 in Salzburg. Shortly before the Second World War, he moved his business to Maxglaner Hauptstraße 6. The shop was closed during the war, but reopened on January 1, 1946. However, I suspect that he mainly worked as a on-site glazier. He died on June, 26th, 1973 in Salzburg. 
Kammerer 3Pewter lid fitted to the featured stein
Kammerer 2Pewterer's touch mark J. Kammerer / Salzburg on the underside of the above lid.
Kammerer 5 1924: Pewter lids and pewter plates. new, as well as repairs of lids, supplied at real prices. Joh. Kammerer, vormals S. Starzinger. Glazier and Master Pewterer, Salzburg, Giselakai 15, Resales will be on commission.
Kammerer 1Brauerei NoppingerKaiser Karl Bräustübl, Salzburg OberndorfThird centennial 1630 - 1930?
Kammerer 4 1946: Community re opening The Glazier Kammerer, at Maxglaner Hauptstraße 6, which was closed for the duration of the war, has been reopened on the 1st January 1946. Construction, door, roof glazing and all-round work will be carried out in the field. For meetings and deliveries the transfer point is at Raschenbergstraße 4, Ferdinand Buchinger, Maxglaner Hauptstraße 6.     ×      
Johann Kammerer 20-10-10-2"Pitter Keller" dated 1921 - 1939
Johann Kammerer 20-10-10-3"J. Kammerer, Salzburg" touchmark on the Pitter Keller stein.     ×      

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