S. Starzinger

Simon Starzinger (vormals J. Hoffellner)

Makartplatz, Electricitätswerke 3, Steingasse 5, Schwarzstraße 4, Giselakai 15, Salzburg, Austria.

Zinngießer, Glazer und Glasschleifer / Pewterer Glazier and Glass Grinder

Pewterer Simon Starzinger took over the business from Johann Hoffellner (who had died on the February 21, 1884) in Schwarzstraße 4. Salzburg.

He was born on 10th October 1850, in Timelkam, Upper Austria, and married Katharina Hoffellner, (born Entlesberger) who was the widow of Johann Hoffellner, on the 14th September 1885 in their local parish church of St. Andrä, Salzburg. His address in 1893 was Makartplatz, Electricitätswerke 3, but by 1894 had moved to Steingasse 5. He had moved yet again by 1898 to Schwarzstraße 4, and he later moved to Giselakai 15. He committed suicide on November 30, 1920, having already sold his business to Johann Kammererin October, only the month before.


Starzinge 1Porcelain stein, dated circa 1895.
Starzinge 2 "S. Starzinger" on the side  of the shank on featured stein.  
Starzinge 3 "Salzburg" on the opposite side  of the shank on featured stein.
Starzinger 20-2-5-1Newspaper advertisement, dated 1893: We have the best furnished pewter foundry with the latest designs of facon lids, and can produce a wide range of church work, executed in fine pewter according to your pattern or drawing. Glazing work on new buildings and doors will be carried out with security.  I  also recommend our range of glass, earthenware and porcelain as well as cups and cutlery. Complete furnishing for hotels and inns with company logos and print. Sales - both wholesale and retail. Repairs carried out as fast as possible and cheaply.
Starzinger 20-2-5-2 Newspaper advertisement, dated 1894. Local change of address and recommendation. We have moved my Pewter Caster, Glazier, Porcelain and Glass Grinder to Steingasse 5, from Makartplatz, Electricitätswerke 3. I recommend our tin foundries work as well as glass and glass grinders work very highly. Recommended furthermore, our frosted glass jars, as well as porcelain, earthenware and cutlery. Complete facilities for hotels and inns, both wholesale and retail. Repairs carried out as fast as possible and cheaply.
S. Starzinger 20-1-18-5 Newspaper advertisement, dated 1898. Simon Starzinger formerly J Hoffelner.  Pewterer, glaziers and glass grinders. Salzburg, Schwarzstraße. Large assortment of fine stock, for house, bar and hotel requirements. Pewterer, Glassgrinder & Glazier with his own workshop. Repairs are carried out quickly and calculated at the cheapest price. Also the latest ventilated windows are made in all large sizes.
S. Starzinger 20-1-18-4 Newspaper advertisement, published in 1920, announcing the takeover of the company of Simon Starzinger by Johann Kammerer, in October 1920.
S. Starzinger 20-1-18-3Brewery stein "Dunkles Obertrumer" Dark beer. Dated circa 1910.
S. Starzinger 20-1-18-2"Brauerei Obertrumer,  Salzburg", founded 1601,  cast on the lid of the stein above.
S. Starzinger 20-1-18-1Cast pewterer's mark on the underside of the lidded stein above.

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