Jakob Klütsch / Paul Klütsch

Jakob Klütsch / Paul Klütsch
Löhrstraße 32 & 65, Coblenz (spelt Koblenz 1926 onward) Rhineland Palatinate.
Zinngießerei und Glas & Porzellanmalerei.
Known dates: 1894 - 1912/14
Founded by Jakob 
Klütsch, but succeeded in 1901 by his son, Paul.
In 1904/05, Paul 
Klütsch installed a porcelain and glass decoration shop together with a pewter foundry, at Löhrstraße 65, .
Purchased stein bodies from: Reinhold Merkelbach

Jakob Klütsch / Paul Klütsch 5 m Vexier-vorcht is the abbreviation for MIt Vexiervorrichtung, "With vexation device"This means that when a beer stein was exclusively designed for use by a left-handed person it would have a few holes, which were placed in such a way, that when a right-handed person raised the stein normally to drink from it, the beer would spill on his shirt and he would be the target of derision, fun or merrymaking.
Jakob Klütsch / Paul Klütsch010Reservist's stein who served both on  SMS Rheinland and SMS Zaehringen     ×      
Jakob Klütsch 1 Kaiserlichen Marine. SMS Berlin. Matrosen Division Wilhelmshaven. dated 1906-1909.
Jakob Klütsch / Paul Klütsch 5
Jakob Klütsch 3

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