Al.Maierl & Co.

Alois Maierl / Al. Maierl & Co. / Alfred Maierl.
Oberdorfstraße 11 & 22, Zürich. Switzerland.
Glas- und Porzellanmalerei sowie Porzellanhandlung / Glass & porcelain decorator/s as well as porcelain sales.
The business was founded by Alois Maierl in 1897. The business was based at both Oberdorfstrasse 11 & 22 on the 23rd September 1919. Between 1932 & 1934 the business was registered as Al. Maierl & Co., presumably to formalise the partnership with son? Albert. They had already been signing their work "Al Maierl" for some years. Later, because of the death or retirement of Alois, the company was then re-registered as Albert Maierl. Sometime after 1945 the business had a new proprietor, Alfred Maierl Inhaberin Elsa Frey, and then again in 1986, yet another proprietor, Alfred Maierl Inhaber Pablo Acosta. The business finally closed in 1991.
Purchased steins from: Wick-Werke.

Al. Maierl 5Dated Summer 1929
Al.Maierl & Co. 2Dated Christmas 1927
Al. Maierl 4This stein lid shows the "Studentengesangverein Zürich" (StGV) which was proposed in 1839 by one Wilhelm Baumgartner, but was not officially established until 22/01/1849. The name was changed in 1949 to "Zürcher Singstudenten". Its motto is "Mein Lebenslauf ist Lieb und Lust und lauter Liederklang" or "My life is love and pleasure and the lusty singing of songs". The colours are Blue-White-Blue. The Wappen shown above is now different, with the background colour of the shield's top right quadrant, now being blue. The "Zürcher Singstudenten" still exist today, at Spiegelgasse 33, Zürich, which includes a restaurant called the "Kantorei".Reference:  Singstudenten Zürich  
Alois Maierl / Al. Maierl & Co. / Alfred Maierl. 16-10-17-1 Personalised envelope dated 23/9/1919 Addressed to: Herrn Gustav Krech                                Farben f(ür) Porzellan                               Oeslau b(ei) Coburg                 Deutschland
Al. Maierl 6Dated Christmas 1933
Al.Maierl & Co. 3Dated Summer 1945

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