Gebrüder Allmann

Gebrüder Allmann München.
Marsstraße 9, Munich. Bavaria.
Kunst-Zinngießerei, Glas- und Porzellanmalerei. / Decorative Pewter Foundry, Glass & Porcelain Decorators.
The company was founded on 1 May 1870 by Johannes Allmann and his brother Friedrich Allmann. They enjoyed considerable prosperity up until W.W.1 when they employed 15 pewter foundry men and 15 porcelain painters. Their fortunes between the wars were not as good, needing only three employees during 1934. Their last listing was in the 1941 Adressbuch. On the night of the 4th October 1944, the company effectively ceased trading, due to an Allied bombing raid on Munich, during which the company buildings were completely destroyed. A reconstruction was not attempted after the war.
Purchased stein bodies from: Marzi & Remy  Merkelbach & Wick
Reference: Munich address books Jos Sedlmaÿr Günther Allmann (Great Grandson)

Gebrüder Allmann München. 15-5-8-3Stein with impressed mark #5095 (2), undecorated body supplied by Marzi & Remy.
Gebrüder Allmann 3Featured stein, above, almost certainly manufactured by Marzi & Remy, due to 5095 number.
Gebrüder Allmann München.6Ink stamp on Merkelbach & Wick brewery stein  "Dampf Bierbrauerei der Stadt Einbeck A.G."
Gebrüder Allmann München. 19-10-24-1Franziskaner-Leist-Bräu von Jos. Sedlmaÿr, München.
Gebrüder Allmann München. 16-3-3-1 Advertisement dated 1905
Gebrüder Allmann München. 15-5-8-1 Advertisement from the catalogue of Munich's  3rd International Art Exposition, dated June 1888. Porzellanmalerei Gebr. Allmann Marsstrasse 9, München. Founded 1870. We deal with the painting of drinking vessels in glass, porcelain and earthenware, ceremonial dishes and plates in secular and religious genres, brooches, tobacco pipes, vases, coffee, tea and table services, etc. in the latest styles. Drinking vessels are fitted with modern pewter lids, brooches with modern settings and the porcelain is painted, portraits etc.  are supplied with frame.
Gebrüder Allmann München. 15-5-8-2 G.A. touchmark on hinge assembly on porcelain stein.
Gebrüder Allmann 1 Ink stamp basemark on Porcelain stein
Gebrüder Allmann München. 19-10-24-4 Ink stamped basemark on the brewery stein,  Franziskaner-Leist-Bräu von Jos. Sedlmaÿr, München,  dated 1909 - c.1914.
Gebrüder Allmann München. 19-10-24-3 Franziskaner-Leist-Bräu von Jos. Sedlmaÿr, München.
Gebrüder Allmann München. 19-10-24-5
Gebrüder Allmann München. 19-1-20-2Made by Marzi & Remy #5095 (16) decorated by Gebrüder Allmann.
Gebrüder Allmann München. 19-1-20-1Basemarks on the featured stein above.
Gebrüder Allmann München 5Ink stamp on Hacker Bräu - Brewery Stein.
Gebrüder Allmann München. 19-10-24-2Franziskaner-Leist-Bräu von Jos. Sedlmaÿr, München.

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