Gebrüder Rieche

Gebrüder Rieche (Inhaber Walter Beißner)

Heiligerstraße 6, Osterstraße 76 & 54, Hannover. Lower Saxony.
Zinngeißerei und Malerei, spez. Zinnsoldaten / Pewterer and decorator, speciality pewter soldiers
August Ludwig Rieche (b.10th Oct.1839 in Sarstedt - d.28th Feb. 1893 in Hannover) was apprenticed to Georg Friedrich Harnisch. Afterwards he worked for Johann Ernst Dubois until in 1866, he founded his business in Heiligerstraße 6, once he had become a Zinngeißereimeister. This address still exists today. It was situated on the corner of an alley, Spreenswinkel, which was a notorious "red light" area. In 1903 the company was taken over by August's sons, Ernst, August and Franz (b.1880 - d1939). Franz was the mould designer for the military figures. After 1918, the marketplace required historically correct designs, which Franz obtained from old paintings and books. These he sculpted and engraved into figures, which went to create the moulds. The resulting castings were usually decorated by outworkers. There was also a Leopold Rieche, probably a relative of the Rieche brothers, who was considered to be a master decorator.  Around 1925, the company was taken over by Walter Beißner, at a similar time to their move to Osterstraße, with Franz staying on until his death in 1939. The shop at No.76 Osterstraße was larger than the one in Heiligerstraße, having two display windows, plus a separate workshop in a yard across the road at No.54. The business ended when the street was bombed in October 1943.

Purchased stein bodies from: Ernst Bohne Söhne, Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach.


Gebrüder Rieche (Inhaber Walter Beißner) 13-3-10-2 Side panels of featured stein showing faces of Wilhelm Liebknecht, Paul Singer & August Bebel."Nicht betteln nicht bitten nur muthig gestritten." Don't beg, don't pray only courageously dispute.
Gebrüder Rieche (Inhaber Walter Beißner) 13-3-10-4Lid top of featured stein showing the face of Heinrich Meister
Gebrüder Rieche 5 Mark cast in pewter lid, dated 1913.
Gebrüder Rieche 1 Mark on cast pewter lid.
Gebrüder Rieche (Inhaber Walter Beißner) 13-3-10-1 This stein, dated after 1903, is dedicated to the "Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD)",  Social Democratic Party of Germany.  Those who contributed to its philosophy and founded the organisations which merged to eventually create the SPD in 1890, are shown on the side panels and lid.  "Das Banner der Humanität"  The banner of humanity  "Wahrheit, Freiheit, Glieichheit, Brüderlichkeit"   Truth, Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood.  "Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt Euch"  Proletariat of all lands unite. The seeds of this organization were founded in 1863, but it was outlawed by Bismarck, between 1878 & 1890, and Hitler between 1933-1945. It was finally resurrected after WW II and is a force in German politics today.  
Gebrüder Rieche (Inhaber Walter Beißner) 13-3-10-6 Impressed basemark on featured stein above.
Gebrüder Rieche 4 Signature on Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach stein dated 1914.
Gebrüder Rieche (Inhaber Walter Beißner) 13-3-10-3 Side panels of featured stein showing faces of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels & Ferdinand Lassalle."Nicht kampft es sich schlecht für Freiheit und Recht". Don't fight poorly for freedom and right.
Gebrüder Rieche (Inhaber Walter Beißner) 12-5-9-1 Main list of military figurines, dated 1935.
Gebrüder Rieche 3 Mark on cast pewter lid, dated 1902.
Gebrüder Rieche2 Mark on cast pewter lid.

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